Anna Karenina Update

Anna Karenina Read-A-Long Purple

I hope all of you are making the progress you wished to make with the book and if you are behind like myself are not feeling pressured to catch up on massive chunks just because the rest of the group are ahead.

My counterpart for this read-a-long Christine from The Happily Every After has been absolutely amazing with her discussion posts and keeping up with the actual schedule and before I continue would like to say a massive thank you. So…


I have been told many things about Part 2 being the most boring part of the book as all you read about is Russian farming and many other monotonous subjects however I am really starting to fall in love with the story and slightly shamefully Levin. Let us outline the facts – a big strong man who knows how to plough a field and be a gentleman as he comes from a fine lineage of wealth and manners. Please dear Kitty why did you refuse this man.

On the Vronksy side of things at the start of Part 2 I thought he was an arrogant inconsiderate pig. However later into the chapter aside from the fact that he has stolen (yes it takes two and she tangoed all right!!) another woman’s wife and has to try hard to hide his contempt in public for said man. Vronksy turns into a love-sick puppy who dotes on every last move of his beloved Anna.

The one thing that I am loving about the descriptive nature of this book is that Tolstoy has captured Anna not as the size 6 beaut that will be no doubt portrayed in the movie but as a woman of full figure with a striking personality (this is what I look forward to the most – seeing Keira Knightley attempt this full-figured embodiment of Anna K herself!)

With regards to the size of the text and number of pages I will continue to persevere and once caught up try and get into the rhythm of at least 30 pages per day just to keep on top of things!

I honestly hope you are enjoying reading this book and as I keep seeing more and more of you lovelies joining each day it warms my heart.

Keep up the great turning of those luscious pages that Tolstoy created for our enjoyment.

Fall in love as deep as your heart with let you and Enjoy!




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