Tube Pictures

Over the past couple of months I seem to have a collected quite a few weird and wonderful photos from various locations on the underground. Stations will remain unmentioned however I would love to share the photos with you lovelies.

If by chance in this tiny world there is a photo you notice of your good self and would like it removed then please by all means get in touch. However please do remember all pictures were taken in good humour and not for want of maliciousness.

Now before you get all excited I have only posted two as I do not want to put all of my eggs in one basket so to speak!

This managed to make myself and my friend laugh to no end – this may have been due to the us being under the influence of Fruli!

This guy was a complete douche bag and I have to say the best part of the photo for me was that my book was featured in the corner! All him and his pathetic friends wittered on about was how the complete price of the London property market was somewhere close to £10billion and how North West London is so far and difficult to get to from Balham – I am sure there was much more to their conversation but luckily I had my headphones in!

Hope you liked and stay tuned as there will be more!


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