Book Blogger Hop 23/11 – 29/11

Book Blogger Hop

It has been a while indeed since I took part in the blogger hop and kind of find myself at a bit of a loss as to remembering how it all works! However thanks to the guest host Livia over at Butterfly-O-Meter Books it was not at all hard to ease back into old ways. So the question of the week is: 

The sound of silence: When reading, do you assign each character their own voice in your head, or do they all sound the same? Do they sound like you or someone else?

My answer consists of the following:

Dependent on the book if there is a lot of narrative and the characters are strong and influential I will play out different voices. Sometimes without realising and only when no-one is looking or listening I will have the odd moment of reading the text out loud in such voices. Such voices are especially used when the voice of the character is described by the writer. 

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4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop 23/11 – 29/11

  1. I sometimes try to read them out loud too, but I suck at it, lol. I have a horrible accent when I speak, don’t do practice of it as I do reading/writing (meaning every day), so I end up making myself laugh a lot. It can ruin the moment, you know? *sigh*

    Loved to read your answer, and I am following your blog and Twitter 🙂
    Have a great weekend!


    • Isn’t it weird whenever I listen to my voice I cannot stand it maybe it is just a self loathing thing!!
      Glad you liked my answer and thanks for the follow don’t be a stranger on the posts as i look forward to your thoughts 😀


    • Thanks for that – very nice of you 😀
      Don’t be a stranger – i look forward to reading your thoughts on future posts 😀
      I will head over to your page now – thanks again!


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