Target or Tiger

target shop sign                                 Tiger Shop Sign

As Target is yet to grace the UK with its present I have found a smaller substitute that satisfies my cravings for buying random items on a whim when out shopping for something in particular. Tiger sells everything from bath products to batteries and a few odd but wonderful things in between. It was a surprise to see a shop in Kingston the other day and when looking on their website found there is also one in Croydon. Both locations not being that far away will definitely be getting a visit soon.

A little bit about Tiger from their website:

‘Tiger started in 1995 in stylish Copenhagen. They developed from a modest outlet to a recognised chain with 180+ stores across 18 European countries. In June 2005 they opened their first UK store in Basingstoke. Since then they have opened 18 stores across the South East and employ 180+ staff with a head office in North London. In Denmark, Tiger has caused a mini retail revolution. Such a mini revolution is their target for the UK market. They are making the point that cheap and cheerful can be achieved, and at the same time sell stylish own branded products in a fun environment at astonishing low prices. They sell items that are  practical, fun, decorative and encourage creativity, from homeware, kitchenware, stationery, toys and hobby items. At Tiger they like to amaze our customers at what is possible for the low prices.  Their customers find great service and a store design that makes you want to browse. They don’t shout about the prices and let their customers make their own judgement.’

My honest opinion when I first stepped into a Tiger shop was that it was a cheaper and quite possibly tackier version of Ikea. However over the years it has held its own and manages to constantly surprise me with the weird and wonderful things I find on each visit.

Here are a few things that I have my eye on obviously dependent on stock levels (click on pictures to go to each items page):

Tiger - Metal Hanging Bathroom Tidy - £3

Tiger – Metal Hanging Bathroom Tidy – £3

Tiger - Dead Sea Aloe Vera Gel - £3

Tiger – Dead Sea Aloe Vera Gel – £3

Tiger - Nail Brush Animals - 2 for £1

Tiger – Nail Brush Animals – 2 for £1

Tiger - 10 Jar of Beads - £3
Tiger – 10 Jar of Beads – £3

Tiger - Eye Shadow Duo - £1
Tiger – Eye Shadow Duo – £1

Now as a running total that little haul will cost me £11 and to be quite honest for such cute things that is a small price to pay! Check out those jars of beds! The colours look amazing – it will be interesting to see if the colours are as beautiful in reality. I will be posting another list of things that are a little bit more holiday related but for now that is enough of my wants. Hope you had a great sunday – I am off to work!

Betty Boop Nurse



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