Photo of the day 26/11

So I believe I have missed a day or two but hey there is nothing set in stone!

Check out the latest!

Ceiling lights in Brighton Museum

Brighton Museum ceiling lights

Not only doesn’t Instagram make everything look a bit more intriguing but adds a touch of elegance and glamour. Should really call it InstaGlam! The beautiful lights and arched ceiling just work so well together.

Tube Love London Underground Northern Line

Love on London Underground 😀

On my way to work last night I managed to get a cheeky snap of a lovely couple who asked for directions at the beginning of the journey. They were both so polite and looked so engrossed in each others company I didn’t want to miss the moment. They may not be gazing into each others eyes but they were listening to each other intently all the way and letting each other speak rather than talking over one another. Isn’t it wonderful the natural way in which people interact when they don’t realise they are being watched.

Underground Traffic Victoria Line Warren Street Tube Station

Human congestion on the London Underground

On my way home from work this morning this is what I saw. As I am usually one of the heads in the sea of people I rarely unless on nights see a morning on the underground from this perspective. Personally I always make sure that I get there early enough not to have to rush up the escalator and allow time for queues. There are some people however who stress at the fact that someone will not let them on the escalator first. My question is if you are in so much of a rush there is a completely free set of stairs right next to the escalator – WALK!

That is enough photos for now. Enjoy your evening 😀




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