Bad Mood After Bad Day at Work

After three night shifts at work I am feeling more than worn out. The last night in particular was a tough one as at the beginning some smart ass who as far as I am concerned is just a wannabe nurse tried to out mouth me. This did not happen as without sounding full of myself I am a lot quicker and smarter than she will ever be.

I was told that she did not understand my culture (British – even though she was born in Britain and moved to the states!) where people put ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ at the end of a request and think that it is automatically deemed as polite. She then carried on trying to bombard me with the statement that in our workplace colleagues were incredibly sarcastic with each other and she did not understand that either.

My answer: Well please and thank you are actually words used to portray what we call in ‘our culture’ MANNERS which you seem to so obviously lack, as for the sarcasm you do understand it is the lowest form of wit and you have that down to a tee with perfect portrayal in this conversation alone. Now if there is anything else you would like to add to burden my night shift with please do continue otherwise I refuse to stand here and argue with you as it is pointless and you are in the wrong.’

All of this because I asked this person to get a drug chart for me that should have been at the bedside in the first place.

Personally I don’t think I was rude?! Also I don’t mind people with attitude if they are right but she was so far wrong it was untrue also looking into her daily tasks further I found a patient assessment that was ‘completed’ but MASSIVELY incorrect. When reported to the sister I was told that this person is still supernumerary (Untrue as that period ended last week) and that she is still learning. I continued to highlight the prodigious mistakes she had made with the initial assessment (which would leave the patient without food if I didn’t check it!) and was told that obviously this is something that should be highlighted but she is still learning.

Not to be funny but being able to add up numbers that clearly come to a total of 16 and writing 11 without changing it or attempting to bring attention to it sets alarm bells off for me. Also did I mention this person has previously stated to other members of staff that she is a registered nurse in the states. If this is the sort of person that will look after me if I get sick in the states please lord watch over me until I am back in the safety of the UK.


There will be a pampering post later today 😀

Have a great Tuesday!

Tuesday Thinking About You


2 thoughts on “RANT

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t have a good night Fay. Sometimes people forget that they are in the position of student and have a deluded sense of ‘greatness’, which when other people pull them up in it, will get tetchy about it. This kind of person does not make themselves very popular with those that they can learn a lot from, which in the end, will be to their detriment. Long story short, I’m in your corner.


    • Can you believe it was not a student it was a Nursing Assistant – so one higher than a healthcare assistant which I disagree with the job role completely but seriously in what world would she be right!! Thanks for your thoughts they made me chuckle 😀


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