Grab Me . . .

Over the past couple months I have been seriously thinking about making my own blog button and ways to do it without splashing out on Photoshop software because to be honest it will not get used to its full potential. So with a bit of cut and paste I managed to come up with the above. The last minor issue that I needed to tackle was sizing and how to get the correct html code for the picture but thanks to Photobucket and Handmadeology (yep cool name check it out!).

Check out my sidebar at the top left and you should see my grab button – I am now working on getting one of those little boxes below so you can copy the html to your page so if there are any suggestions out there on how to do this please do let me know! If all else fails just copy the little one and add it with a link to my blog!

Off to cleanse and then make my way to the coffee shop!



2 thoughts on “Grab Me . . .

  1. Thank you for following me. I absolutely adore your blog! Its so cute! I’m following you on Twitter and instagram and via email now too..lolz..ok, I feel stalkerish now.
    I loved the Breaking Dawn movie. It was my fave book in series. I feel they did it justice. The fight scene killed me. Especially the end of it πŸ˜‰ lolz
    I can make you the grab me code box. As long as you can post HTML codes on your sidebars as widgets it can be done.
    Ill need the pictures direct link code from photoBucket and your blogs address.
    Let me know.. All you have to do is pay me in blog post comments every so
    Thanks again,
    Bella’s Bookshelf


    • Absolutely no problem – i shall have to seek you out on Twitter and Instagram too! Not stalkerish at all!!

      The movie was great and I will be writing about it tomorrow if i get time! I know what you mean about the fight scene ESPECIALLY the ending!!!

      Ill email you about the grab button – hope that is ok πŸ˜€


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