Breaking Dawn Part II

Well this film is hardly the innocuous kind. Granted the beginning was quite slow but the same cannot be said for the ending. Reminiscent of my grandmother shouting at the screen of any television I could hardly hold myself back.

As I have literally just got home from seeing this film I feel like I need to let it sink in just a bit before I let rip with my thoughts and feelings about the final film in the set.

A little about the ending before I go – NO SPOILERS HERE! – It seems like there will be room for another book/film. Maybe!!

Good Night and Sweet Dreams!



2 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn Part II

    • You know what that is a good way of putting it! The friend I went with reminded me that when we went to see the first one we were a couple and it was boxing day and I was staying in his flat!! 4 years ago!!! End of an era! Thanks for the follows hun i shall be reciprocating when home and have access to all my internet! 😀


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