Damn you WordPress

Pretty much just woke up in a great mood – then the parents started arguing so I swerved that and moved to the computer only to find that like pretty much every other blogger I have a load of spam comments to sift through. Out of about 20 there were 4 really nice ones and in the process of accepting them WordPress decided to crash and delete them all FOREVER.

I know that there were three separate bloggers one on my photo of the day post saying that they liked the lights. Another was saying that she was going to look out for the cupcake cafe and wanted to read Anna Karenina and the last one I really cannot remember. So here is my apology for the stupid WordPress service that cut out and broke down.

Have a great day guys ๐Ÿ˜€




3 thoughts on “Damn you WordPress

  1. Parental arguements and comment annihilation – some of the crazy stuff we have to go through. I listened to my share of parental arguements, and then we’ve put our kids through the same thing. Awful, but then again – parents are human, and can behave very childishly when stressed and angry. No good thing, but it’s very common. Some of us are just quieter than others (not us, we’re a loud family)

    I had posted a couple of the comments that were lost, so I just re-commented what I could remember. You have a fun blog, and I love when I see a good music video or a book that sounds interesting from other bloggers. Once in a while I share music videos also, it’s fun. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Your blog is gorgeous and I will definitely be checking back to see what is going on on a regular basis!
      Thank you so much for re-commenting!
      My parents are in a world of their own much like other parents but the hardest part is when i moved back I now just have to suck it up until i can get out! ๐Ÿ˜€


      • haha = (not at you, at me) One of my boys just had to move back home and he’s feeling the same way. Dad is driving him nuts, and we don’t always get along (the parents), so it’s probably frustrating for him. I know I’m frustrated. But…life is hard. We live, we argue, sometimes I’m sure we should be apart, but none of us can afford to live on our own, and then again, we’ve been married for soooo long.

        Hang in there – try to ignore them when they’re being all teenagery fighting. Because no matter how old we get, deep inside, we’re all just teenagers who are getting mad at our boyfriends, and vice versa. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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