WordPress I Forgive You!

Whilst writing this and the past couple of posts on my blog I have noticed that there have been slight changes all over WordPress and now forgive it for the other day when it crashed on me. It looks delightful – so seamless and works like a dream. Thank you lovely people of WordPress I am very impressed and you have made my blogging experience much nicer!

In a moment of madness when it crashed the other day I was considering going back to blogger but nope thankfully I stayed loyal and the results are much better! I would like to say a big Thank You with my first home-made button that I actually like!


2 thoughts on “WordPress I Forgive You!

  1. The photo is in fact from a Starbucks in Seattle! Great eye for identifying seemingly arbitrary coffee shops, I’m impressed. Thank you for stopping by the blog, you have a great thing going on here! Loquacious is a lovely word. 🙂


    • Bit of a bucks addict and all of their chairs are the same! Even over here!
      Sometimes it is nice to use a big word that you have to think about using carefully before inserting it into a sentence so it fits correctly 😀 Don’t be a stranger and your blog is also beautiful 😀


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