Advent for Blog A Book Etc

I have mulling over ways that I can celebrate Christmas with you lovely people who take time out and read my little blog. Firstly I would like you to know that you are extremely appreciated as I would have no-one to blog for if you did not take the time out to visit.

Although I am one day late with starting my Advent Calendar and it is severely lacking overall design due to me being at work for the whole weekend I am starting it today. So today you will get two photos and hopefully by tomorrow there will be some sort of design/theme for the rest of the month to follow. There will be a mixture of photographs for this calendar most of which will be appropriately seasonal.

I do hope you are all sharing with me the Christmas spirit that seems to be spreading like the common cold (in a good way of course!).  So sit back take a nice gulp of mulled wine and relax.

1st December


Taken with my iPhone when I finished work last night. What a lovely evening to start our December.

2nd December


On a walk down a lovely busy high street I found this on a side street and could not walk past without capturing the moment.

23 days to go




Please do share . . .

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