Musing Mondays & Snow

Some of you may have noticed that it is once again snowing on WordPress. This to me is the start of the holiday season. I am in a creative mood and am still working on my advent calendar that will be a daily feature on the blog until the BIG DAY!

3rd December

Bicester at night with christmas lights

On with the show. . .

Musing Mondays

This weeks question comes from Booking Through Thursday

How do you organize/store your books? Do you go through them often? Or do you pretty much just shelve them and then leave them alone until you need them?’

I store my books on a shelf and the overflow is currently in a massive Ikea box waiting to be shelved. Sadly a lot of my books are still at my old house with my ex but luckily (him being the kind sort!) he is happy to keep them there where there is space until I have a place of my own to store such things. I love things to be alphabetical however I do like it when authors are kept together. For instance all of the E L James books or Stephanie Meyer books would be kept together but in order of the series, much like the Suzanne Collins trilogy.

When I have a day off and I am cleaning I will often take out all the books from the shelves (to clean the shelves of course!) and reorganise – this is my OCD coming out slightly! Anyway it is nice way to cleanse and think about books that may even make the charity pile (None yet! – I know they say it is good to give but I love all my books.

What do you do with your books?



2 thoughts on “Musing Mondays & Snow

  1. WordPress snows at this time of year?! I was wondering whether this was the case or whether there was something wrong with my laptop screen – lol. My house is a little small so I don’t really have room for a proper bookshelf. I have a small upstairs room with shelving in there where i stack my books in size order so they are easy to stack. My partner has now banned me from buying physical books, unless they are cookbooks because of our lack of space. He has even cemented that ban by buying me a Kindle for any future book purchases – I’m a voracious reader.


    • Wow that is some ban! Can you not sneak them into an attic somewhere (oh my i am a bad influence!). Cookbooks are great to look at and use! Starting using my kindle again today for the first time in a while – annoying when you need to read PDF’s though! 😀


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