November Empties

Over the month of November I managed to finish off a lot of my hair, skin and bath products here are my favourite ones. For each product highlighted individually there will be a product review to follow so I can share my thoughts about said product.

November Empties

When I took the picture I thought – Oh lord what a lot of products but to be honest a couple of them just had last dregs that needed to be used before I had an excuse to replace them.

Macadamia Hair Oil Spray

This is a product I heard a lot of people raving about and if I am 100% honest I also fell in love with it. So light and does not carry a heavy scent.

Pantenne No Frizz Serum

Recommended by a friend and something that will definitely be replaced as often as possible.

November Empty Hair Products

The hair care selection out of the monthly pile and in some way or another I am loving each product for their individual characteristics that they bring to my hair. As I have extremely curly afro hair it is difficult to style when curly surprising but these products as a mixture or sometimes alone do the trick without leaving my tresses greasy and covered in product.

Empty Facce & Body products - November

Bath, body and face – YUM! All three of these products are fabulous especially . . .

Radox Shower Smoothies Coconut

More to come in the individual review! Again – YUM!

Kiwi Face Scrub and Body Marmalade

Last but not least face and body care – this face scrub was great whilst it lasted however I do not think I would purchase this as it was just not the right texture for me. The scent however was perfect as it was not over powering and fake. The body marmalade however – I WANT MORE!!!

Well that is all for now! There will be more products to come for next month I am sure!

Have a great day 😀



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