Anna Karenina Read-A-Long

Anna Karenina Read-A-Long Purple

Things have been pretty quite on the read-a-long front from myself lately and I would like to make a massive apology to those that have joined and heard so little from me. I am still reading along with you guys but due to work and other commitments I am going at a much more sluggish pace that I would have liked. Although I am very behind I am still very much supporting you guys and will be taking part in discussions about the book even if it is further ahead of my current reading point. The final week for the read-a-long is coming up and I really am hoping that I can catch up as much as possible.

Vintage Catch Up Sorry

I am hoping that you lovely people haven’t all but given up on myself or Christine but have continued with the great gusto we all started the read-a-long with. As a little incentive for taking part and being such good sports I have been kindly given a Special Edition Anna Karenina (inspired) Red Currant Travel Tin to give away to one lucky reader. The candle smells absolutely gorgeous and will tie in with any christmas scents that you have already making their way through your festive abodes.

The giveaway for the candle will be hosted here at the end of the read-a-long so stay tuned and get those trigger fingers ready to enter.



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