2:30am posting

For those of you that are either just getting in from a good night out or just going out for whatever reason you have at this time of the morning (maybe even those like me that just cannot sleep!). Welcome to my 2:30am post!

Finally I have made it to my bed however I am still wide awake. I have done everything in an effort to make me sleep. One set of painted nails (pictures will be posted later today!) later and four more chapters of my current read down and still no tiredness. Maybe some more chapters of the book will sort me out?! Bearing in mind I need to be up early for an action packed day at the Christmas Market on London South Bank and various other things during the day I NEED to sleep.

Plans for later include:

– Stroll with coffee and camera on the London South Bank through the Christmas Market

– Maybe a quick visit to the Tate for more photo opportunities!

– Creeping through the side streets of London letting my lens loose

– Watching Life of Pi 3D!!! (FYI: Cannot wait to see this film – still haven’t read the book but just the synopsis blows the mind!)

– Watching Lord of the Rings Part 1 for the first time ever – yes I know! I cannot believe it has taken me this long and I may be a massive geek but who cares!!!

Image found at http://www.latitudegroup.com

Back to now! More chapters and then off to bed for real this time me thinks!

Isn’t it amazing what a to do list can do for you (bore you to tears and make you want to sleep in my case).

Another FYI – Most of the posts up today will be either photo or music posts depending on how my day pans out. I hope you enjoy seeing London through my lens and headphones. Have a great day 😀



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