24th & 25th (The Big Day!)

24th December

Christmas Eve Food

The canteen at work provided the staff who were working the night before Christmas with this succulent feast! To be honest it was better than nothing and the thought that counted 😀

25th December

Christmas Tree

This is my Christmas Tree – I love blue and white lights and will be quite sad when it has to come down. However I know it is premature to say but if I am off next year I look forward to putting this bad boy up!! 😀

Well my lovelies that is all I am going to put up for the advent calendar as I do not understand how advent goes all the way up to New Years!

I hope you all had a FABULOUS Christmas full of love, laughs and glorious food and drink. Thinking of those that are not with us any more but will always remain in our hearts and those friends that even though are still around we do not see near enough of each other.  Always in your thoughts and hearts and with a year ahead to work on coming together again.

[There will be a Merry Christmas picture here later when I get onto my laptop :D)



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