What a Difference a Day Makes . . .

Besides loving this song the actual difference in the number of people on the streets and the increasing time it took me to get to work for my last night shift was quite ridiculous. Fair enough it was boxing day but surely this means people should be spending that extra day off at home snuggled up out of the bad weather instead of spending money they haven’t got and causing traffic on the roads!

For some reason the general attitude of people both driving and just speaking is ridiculous. They have gone from hero to zero in less than 24 hours and that includes the patients on the ward. After spending most of my Christmas trying to make them feel better about being hospital (I realize it is terrible to be in hospital at this time of year) the attitude myself and my colleagues get is that of sarcasm and rudeness when all we are trying to do is help. In my mind part of me just wanted to scream at them and say ‘IT’S BLOODY CHRISTMAS I AM AWAY FROM MY FAMILY LOOKING AFTER YOU APPRECIATE ME’ but of course you cannot do this. There are the minority of patients who are just so lovely and a pleasure to work with of course and these are the ones that I really do not mind giving up my Christmas to be with.

That’s all!



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