2013 Personal Bucket List

Bucket List in progress 2013

Rather than setting myself New Year’s Resolutions and feeling bad about breaking them almost instantaneously I thought why not write a list of things that I wouldn’t mind doing before 2013 flies past. So here goes:

– Go to a Music Festival (No I don’t live in a box I have just never made it to one!)

– Go to at least two new places that I have never been before

– Go to the gym at least twice a week

– Get back into running on the road

– Carry a Camera (compact or otherwise – not including iPhone) with me wherever I go

– Use the manual settings on my DSLR instead of going for the easy Auto option!

– Post 1 favourite picture per month (Manual settings!)

I am sure there will be a bit of a re-jig with this list be it deleting or adding to it. That is all I can think of at the moment for my personal list.

As for my Blog well there will be an entirely different post for that – in the effort to keep things separate (slightly!)

Bucket List 2013

I hope you are enjoying 2013 so far . . .

Fay 2013


6 thoughts on “2013 Personal Bucket List

  1. Great bucket list! Read the camera manual and take some chances with the settings.. learn through trial and error if you have to. I’m lucky my husband knows cameras.. he gives me little tutorials now and then. I rarely use auto anymore. Not that my pictures are stellar.. I just like the way they look more natural.

    Happy new year!


    • Really dislike reading manuals so will look for little tips online and go from there. Took some shots and will venture out into the new year with it ASAP!
      You lucky wife you have a handy husband! I need one of those!


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