And The Beat Goes On . . .

Coffee & Music

First day back at work since finishing nights on the morning of Thursday 27th December. One way of summing up the day would be interesting. Another would be bloody tiring – either way I did not let myself get stressed out as usual but instead kept calm and just got through the day. Mentally I feel bashed but as soon as I walked out that door I managed to recuperate what I had lost throughout the day! In my head many tunes came to me throughout the day and whenever someone asked me a stupid question I thought through my playlist and just smiled.

Thinking of the old skool this song really made me smile as I thought of the CD that both my cousin and I went out to buy and listened through when we were much younger! Oh those were the days! Such a chilled out song! Now for me bath, book and bed await.

Fay 2013


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