Flat Friday


Thank you sweet baby Jeebus it is Friday. Yes I am working yet again but I am determined to make it a good day and not to let anyone rile me – much like yesterday. I will be consciously thinking about my theme music for the day so I can hopefully bring it to you later. Scrubbed and ready to go to work I already have my uniform at work, yes I forgot to bring home my lunch box yesterday but still no harm done.

Now for a little update – I have been attempting to power through my small pile of holiday themed books and I am still trying to get to the end of With Love at Christmas. However the end is in sight and that light is peeping at me from the end of the tunnel that seemed so dark. I will be moving on to The Vintage Teacup Club for a little break from the holiday season/theme and then onto The Holiday by Jane Green.

Sadly I will be stuck at work on Sunday so no snuggles with books for me this week but I will be on public transport brandishing whichever set of pages I am reading at the time and with the next book in mind!

What are you reading over the weekend?

Have A Lovely Weekend Dog in Basket

Fay 2013



4 thoughts on “Flat Friday

  1. 🙂 I totally cracks me up (makes me laugh) that you’re using the term “baby jeebus”. When my grandchildren were toddlers, they couldn’t say Jesus. So the first Easter they were talking they were searching for the eggs that the Easter Bunny hides for Baby Jeebis! Nothing like a toddler’s take on things. 🙂

    I go back to work after two wonderfully lazy (yet very cold) weeks off on Monday. Until then I’ll be reading the last Allie Beckstrum book, Magic Without Mercy by Devon Monk. and bits of Dragonthology – the e-book I have on my laptop.

    Happy Friday!


    • I have to say I love the phrase as it can be used to express feelings of frustration without the use of frequently used profanities!! When little ones say it, it does sound extra cute! A bit like when they say ‘lellow’ instead of Yellow!

      Yesterday at work was another day that the baby jeebus played a part! But I managed to carry on regardless in a relaxed mood!

      Magic Without Mercy – never heard of it but will look into it! I have heard of Dragonthology i think!! Again will have a look!

      Hope you had a lovely Friday and enjoy the weekend 😀


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