London Underground

London Underground: London South Bank: London Eye

In 1863 London Underground took its virgin journey from Paddington to Farringdon (via Steam train), 40,000 people used this wonderful new service on its first day and it was an instant hit. Even though it is not the largest underground system (The NYC subway wins that award!) without it London would most definitely suffer terribly – even though many commuters and at times myself would most definitely disagree with such a statement deep down I believe it is true.

London Underground Logo

Today is the day that one of the worlds oldest and similarly popular subterranean methods of travel celebrates its 150th birthday. Best known for its short and snappy routes through central london and the provision of links from outer london right into the centre. The underground is a system that has enabled people to reach work, meetings with friends and lovers, special occasions with loved ones and gives some the chance to simply observe passers-by whether it be behind a paper, book, kindle or camera.

Happy Birthday to London Underground

On my way to work and back I rely on this service and at times relish the interesting journeys I am opened up to. The London Underground has provided many chances for people to meet their ‘one’ just one look, a wink, a smile or even a piece of paper with a number on it. Such short journeys provide windows of opportunity sometimes the window being so short that such a wink could make your heart leap and inevitably make you feel great and rotten at the same time for not taking that chance and jumping off the train and speaking to a potential new ‘friend’.

London Underground Map

Over the next week I am going to look into different methods of transportation from around the world. I wonder what I will find! To read about the history of the London Underground why not visit the London Transport Museum website. 

Here’s to London Underground!

A glass raised

And one more just because it’s the colours of the underground! Rule Britannia right!!

Lanson UK

Fay 2013


5 thoughts on “London Underground

    • Ah thanks! Everything around us is somewhat romantic but I like to think the tube is even more so especially being so close to some individuals! 😀


  1. I always think of diaries when I see a map of The London Underground.
    I’ll be interested to see which other forms of transport you look into in the next few days.
    My personal favourite (and most romantic) transport network is is the Lake Como boat service in Italy.
    I can’t wait to go back and use it again!


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