Welcome to The Vintage Book Group

vintage book group

Welcome to The Vintage Book Group – this group was put together by Catherine from Vintage Frills and Myself (BIG THANKS TO CATHERINE!). It is an open forum for ourselves and others who love to read great books and also have a love of vintage fashion. Now having a love of vintage fashion is not something that is required – we just ask that if you enjoy reading great books then why not join in. There are no specific number of books that you HAVE to read, there is a schedule but once again it is by choice and not gospel. We are aiming for this book group to be fun and interesting with a chance for all of us to delve a little deeper into the world of vintage fiction and sometimes fact.

The group is open to all so you do not have to be a blogger but we do ask you to join the Goodreads group. The group will have all the information regarding the books as will either my blog or Catherine’s (Vintage Frills) bi-weekly. All new books will be announced and discussions will be left open on the Goodreads group for your lovely selves to share your opinions. Please do feel free to comment on either this blog or Catherine’s (Vintage Frills) with any questions – you can also comment on the Goodreads group, use #VintageBookGroup or #VBG on Twitter & Facebook. Retweets on Tumblr & Flickr with images and captions are much appreciated also.

Now that may seem like a lot to take in but get out the post its and fresh stationery and list it out (not so long!)

We love it when we get suggestions/recommendations from all of you lovelies so please be free and easy with those and much consideration will be taken and many lists made. As most bloggers know it is important for posts to spread to follows to increase so if you are a blogger/tweeter/tumblr god/goddess – whatever social platform you grace with your present SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. . .shout it from the rooftops

Get on that extra-large soap box and SHOUT OUT for us, spread the word! (Wow I sound a bit preachy now!)

Posts to follow:

– Book Schedule for the month ahead

– Discussion links to Goodreads page

– Various chit-chat about the group

I am sure you have read just about enough from me so until next time beautiful people.

Fay 2013


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