10% Discount + Loyalty Points for Crystal Clear Mineral Make Up

Crystal Clear Make up etc

The lovely people at Crystal Clear Minerals are giving readers 10% discount on all mineral make up. All you have to do is go over to their website and at the check out use the code ‘blogabook

Crystal Clear Mineral Make up not only feels great on the skin but looks great. It is priced reasonably and extremely versatile. One little pot of eyeshadow can be used for eye liner, eye shadow, nail varnish and even with a bit of vaseline on the lips. The colour pigmentation is very opaque and will last you a while before reapplication is necessary. If you have never tried it before I would highly recommend getting yourself over to Crystal Clear Minerals and using the discount code ‘blogabook‘ for your 10% whilst you can. If you are a make up guru and have yet to try it then give it a whirl and let me know how you get on. And for those who are already lovers of the Mineral Magic that such products provide then use the code ‘blogabook‘ and STOCK UP on those wants and needs 😀


Also whilst you are there why not get a little something back for your money. On top of the 10% discount Crystal Clear Minerals offers you the chance to save up some Loyalty Points. Just think ‘points make prizes’ so get saving today and you may even be able to purchase your favourite blusher or eyeshadow in no time. So here is how it works:

– £1 for 1 point

– Each point is worth £0.05

– You still benefit from great FREE Delivery

– No time limit on spending your points

What a great system and no time like the present to take advantage of such a great offer.

Crystal Clear Loyalty Points

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