End of Sunday . . .

Champs and Yankee Candle


In some ways I love my bathroom as you don’t even have to switch on the light but when you are relaxing in the bath and reading it can be a bit of problem when it just switches itself off due to the lack of movement. One little wave however and the light clicks back on – I think we need a dimmer switch just to create that perfect ambience. Maybe I will save that for when I move out again though! As it was an incredibly busy day at work even on my lunch break I had things to do so I only managed to read the first page of my new read. Sad but true. Now instead of to the bat cave I must go TO THE BATH.

With a tub of hot water and bubbles from Champneys Spa Indulgence Mediterranean Bliss Bubble Heaven my bones will not ache anymore.

Fay 2013


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