Les Misérables Music

les mis

I am quite annoyed with myself that I have yet to see the great adaptation from Victor Hugo’s tempestuous Les Mis from book form & west end theatre to the big screen. With a cast list that makes you wince with excitement I cannot wait to collect my ticket from the desk and get to my seat with a glass of wine in hand. Now I know you are thinking ‘What the heck kind of cinema does this broad go to?!’

Well ladies and gentleman Vue Scene is a practically private cinema for those over 18 with a private bar and concierge service throughout the film. I will be booking my ticket to see Les Mis and looking forward to a large glass of extra cold Sauvignon Blanc. Check out those seats below – they are recliners!

vue scene

My love for Les Mis started in my early teens when my dad took me to see the West End magic happen. The storyline, the music and the voices. The person I will be seeing my first viewing of this film with will be my dear father as it only seems appropriate as he is the one that introduced this great love to me.

The soundtrack is a staple on my iPod/Phone and will never be coming off. Sometimes I like to close my eyes and pretend I am on stage and singing with the cast – I know sad but gives me that happy feeling when things aren’t looking so pretty in the real world. Now the film is out all I need to do is read the book – it is on my kindle ready and waiting it is just getting round to it that is the problem.

cosette les mis

So my lovelies for you and you only I give you (from You Tube!) Les Misérables it may not be from the original stage production but the performances are stella nonetheless. No trailers will be shown as I do not want to spoil a moment of the movie (purely selfish here sorry!).

Both the song above and the two below are great songs but the two below is my fathers all time favourites of Les Mis one which he ‘performs’ (loosely using the word perform!) at home to his audience (whoever will listen – neighbours included!).

Have a great day 😀



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