Featuring: Beauty & The Tomboy

The lovely Cat from Beauty and The Tomboy only recently started blogging however with her love for beauty and writing her blog was an instant hit. She has her own unique style and flair when it comes to make up application and always aspires to a flawless finish. Cat’s blog is sleek-looking with a chic edge about it and very clean-cut, kind of ‘no muss no fuss just beauty’ attitude. She is a friendly young chic with an eye for detail.

Check out her most recent post:

Beauty & the Tomboy latest post 23:1

She is a self-confessed make up and skin care addict and wants to share her addiction with everyone. The range of products she posts about is great as there are some high-end products as well as those that you can buy in high street stores. Just think from Collection 2000 to Mac and more. From memory this beauty queen is a big time lover of Clarins – so you just know she has style!

Beauty & The Tomboy can also be found out in the ether via:




Why not go and see for yourself what a great blog she has. Follows and comments are welcome.

Beauty & The Tomboy

Always nice to share the love don’t you think?!


Have a great day 😀



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