Clarins Sample Haul

On a tight schedule for shopping over the weekend I headed out for a quick coffee and shopping trip with an old friend. Coffee done we headed to the shops – one thing that I wanted to find was a new cleanser that would rid my skin of the recent breakout of spots.

After looking around I headed to Clarins after several recommendations from a little beauty lover from the blogosphere. My only problem is Clarins products have always been a little too strong for my skin however after speaking to the elderly beauty consultant she reassured me that there were some products that would be suitable for my skin type.

Check out my mini haul:

Clarins Payday haul Jan 13

The one product that was actually recommended to me by the little beauty lover mentioned above and states that it is for all skin types I was told would not sort out my breakout problem and was in fact not suitable for my skin! The product in question is:

clarins pure melt cleansing gel

It smelt great but felt a bit greasy when I tried it in store so maybe it is a good thing that it is not the right choice for my skin after all!

The Gentle Foaming Cleanser I tried today in the bath and have to say that I was less than impressed as after I rinsed my face with lukewarm water it dried out in seconds and my face felt worse than it did before I started. There will be more about these little things just keep checking back 😀



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