Bloggiesta Mini Challenge – Clean Up Your Blog

Bloggiesta Ole


This mini Bloggiesta could not have come at a better time – being bed bound due to the dreaded flu has allowed me many hours of time to fill. Watching movies has been taking up my day and I have to say it is very enjoyable as I have managed to watch 4 films that I have never once opened.

Now back to the challenge in hand – cleaning up my blog. Personally I think it looks a little cluttered and needs another change. I hope you like the new layout hopefully it gives you the image of simplified relaxation – a touch of zen if you will. Well if not Zen then something that is a little more clean-cut than the previous theme!

This particular post is to fulfill the challenge from the Bloggiesta page. There will be subtle changes to this blog such as the sidebar etc but that will be happening at no specific time.

Have a great day lovelies.



2 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Mini Challenge – Clean Up Your Blog

    • Thanks and thanks 😀 I am going to try and power through my bloggiesta list and MAKE myself better! At some point I am hoping I am well enough to go and get a nice coffee!


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