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Can you believe how quickly this Social Networking thing is catching on. It seems like just last week everything was in the papers and magazines and we were using actual Casio calculators instead of our iPhones to get the right answer for an arithmetic conundrum. Shocking. After a lengthy discussion with an old friend who is also a successful Mortgage Broker I have decided to branch of on the Social Networking front to LinkedIn. Many are already there and there are many that stare at the sign up screen with trepidation. Previously I would have fallen into the latter category but I have taken that leap into the unknown and have fallen softly into the unknown.

LinkedIn has a vast community from around the globe with a prodigious selection of disciplines. It gives you the opportunity to try your hand at a voluminous amount of opportunities and share this with a circle of friends that can either be as many as you can count on your hand or as wide as the globe itself. Having the opportunity to spread the word about my blog around the globe is something that back in 2007 when I started writing I could have only dreamed of. However with all the technology and social networking availability I am able to do this from the comfort of my own home or favourite coffee shop.

As most of you already know professionally I am a registered nurse and reviewing books and products is something that I make time for otherwise. It is something that I enjoy doing and have done for some time now. I hope to continue for many years but who knows where the tides will take me!

I am hoping that there are a few at least who latch on to my enthusiasm and check out LinkedIn as it has created quite a stir in the business/social networking world. It could change your blog – This is something that I cannot promise but something that you can work with to see just how many people you have something in common with. For want of a better name this ‘online community’ is definitely something to be shouted about.

At least check it out.

Check out my profile HERE

Have a lovely Monday guys 😀 Fay


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