Grab Me

Finally after a many trials and nights sitting in front of the screen wanting to cry there is a site that has helped me ease my troubles.

Now that first sentence may sound slightly ominous but please people let us keep things clean and do scrape your minds out of the proverbial gutter!

Thanks to the lovely people who created :

I am now the proud owner of the following grab button and text box below so you can grab and take me with you!


Now the text below my image in this post is much bigger than it appears on my actual sidebar as you can see but this is just for ease of view so you can crack on a copy the text and paste me into your very own sidebar. This may seem like a small thing but it is quite a big thing personally as I have been trying to sort this problem for such a long time. Without waffling on I am going to try and get some more of my weekend Bloggiesta list out of the way!

I hope your Tuesday was productive lovelies 😀


Please do share . . .

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