Little Changes

For some reason this song popped into my head before I started writing this post so I figured you could listen to it as well.

Changes are being made from top to bottom on this blog and even though they may be taking longer than I had hoped they are actually starting to take shape. Finally BlogABookEtc is self hosted (yippee!) however I am waiting to see the real benefits as of yet (anyone who can enlighten me is more than welcome!). I will be working on my email address at a later date however the frontage of my blog is taking priority at the moment. New social icon buttons have been put up however they are not uniform as I originally envisioned. My to do list is slowing creeping down which is great as the less on there the more time I have for other minor tweaks that need my attention.

I am writing everyday now which can only be a good thing on the word count front. However not all of my writing is for posting, so some of the wheat will be sorted from the chaff and actually published on here. When I originally changed to the theme that is up at the moment I am unsure if it is just my imagination or actual fact but the background of my writing was white and clearer than it is now. This saddens me as I thought I had found the perfect clean-cut theme for my blog – as it stands I am on the lookout again.

On a more positive note – my health is taking a turn for the more positive side of the scale and my temperature is coming down. I managed to get my nails done  which is great but most of all it was just nice to be out of bed for more than five minutes. Although on my return home I continued to cough and splutter like it was going out of fashion.

Check out these bad boys:

nails valentines 2013

Varnish used:

– Natural Nail Base Coat O.P.I.

– Charged Up Cherry O.P.I.

– Top Coat O.P.I.

– Nail Art with Salons own Nail Art varnishes and brushes

My nails were done at Fantastic Nails Morden and you can find some of their designs HERE

Have a great day and do let me know if you choose any of the designs 😀




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