Beyonce at the Superbowl

As American Football has really never come onto my radar (living in the UK!) it made a nice difference to see many strapping men charging across a ‘football’ field and doing what they do best ‘playing football’. Definitely a welcome difference to the feminine males we see prancing around our football fields trying to play and getting paid too much for it. There may be many of you that do not share my opinion and yes I do support the number one team full of sissified men however it is just my opinion!

Anyway moving onto all things heavenly Beyoncé made an exuberant entrance onto the stage and as I was on the phone at the time my line went quiet at both ends. Her legs were most definitely looking like gateways to some sort of heaven that only Jay-Z knows. Right enough of my lady-crush! Watch the performance in awe as I and many others did! Wowza!




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