Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion – Review

kiehls epidermal re-texturizing micro-dermabrasion– Advanced polishing cream with effective gentle exfoliating quality.

– Skin texture feels significantly smoother and clearer.

– Helps reduce the appearance of facial lines and discolouration.

Used as advised by the Kiehl’s skin consultant – once a week with only a small amount and in circular motions upwards on the face and neck. When I asked about this product I gave the consultant a list of my skin care problems number one being blemish break outs. It was advised that when circulating this product onto my face if there were areas that I felt needed just that little bit extra I should apply a little more pressure than usual and really work the product into my skin. I originally trialled this product at the beauty counter in House of Fraser in Westfield White City and I was so impressed at how smooth my hand was post scrub I just had to have it.

After two weeks and two attempts with a normal skin regime and stepped up water intake in between my clear skin to blemish ratio has declined and personally it feels much better to have less grit and left over product on my face than previously experienced with other products. Remembering that there is no magic potion to take away my spots I am a lot more conscious that before with regards to what I am putting into my body. Also using a daily wash that is less stringent and toning as well as moisturising really has made the difference.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has combination skin as that is what I apparently have. My t-zone tends to dry out very quickly as well as my cheeks however with a daily routine that is followed that includes a good moisturiser this is less likely to happen as it seems to be the case with my ‘NEW SKIN’. In the past I was a great believer that if I used more scrubs and other concoctions my blemishes would disappear however it is all about patience and only using this once a week has proven that with patience great things can happen.

When you are using this lovely product you only need a pea sized amount (a little goes a long way!), even though my head is larger than your average head (Yes it’s ok to laugh!) this amount was perfect for full coverage. This means that even though you think you only have a small tube of product it will last you quite a long time – some have even said almost a year.

If you unsure about this or any other Kiehl’s product head to one of their many shops or beauty counters and speak to a consultant they will help you and put your mind at rest.

Try it, I know you will LOVE it!


Kiehl’s/House of Fraser/Space NK




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