Saturday Snapshot 09/02

Saturday Snapshot is something that I have not participated for in what feels like forever so it makes a nice change to share my photos with the blogosphere once more! This week I am showing two pictures that I took on a recent trip to Brighton. Brighton is a town that I can get to quite easily by car or train and is always a delight on arrival even in the rain. These are just a few of the photos I took whilst there:

Chocolate Valentine

When my friend and I walked into ChoccyWoccyDoodah (Yes the name is real!) I just wanted to eat everything and I mean EVERYTHING in sight. This part of the display caught my eye only because of the date of impending doom otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. What a lovely display! This picture was taken using my iPhone 4S.

Brighton Lane at Dusk

I am in love with the lights in this picture – even though it is way past the festive season Brighton has found a way to make stringed lights look classy – well cute at least. This was taken with purely natural light as I have been fiddling with my camera settings and beautiful things have been happening! This photo was taken using my Canon 1100D.

Royal Pavillion @ Night

This was taken outside the Royal Pavilion at the back where they still have the ice rink going. It was nice to see families and friends having a nice time but there was no way I was finding myself on the ice so I was more than content with seeing this beautiful site. I am thinking about making this picture into a postcard one day soon. I love the colour changes that happen with the lights and this was my favourite of all. Once again all with natural light and I used my Canon 1100D.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 😀



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