Sundays In Bed With . . .

Sundays In Bed With

Such a glorious Sunday when I actually get to stay at home and master the art of doing absolutely nothing (except reading of course!). Kicking back in a comfy chair with a cup of peppermint tea with my laptop giving off a soft glow which I can see in my peripheral vision. The phone rings – it remains unanswered unless of course it is the call from a dear friend to meet for coffee and some chatter! This Sunday much like last week I am stuck on the same set of pages and quite upset with myself, therefore I am making a conscious effort to finish the book today in an attempt to swiftly move on.


Kerouac’s infamous script has kept me busy for numerous days bordering on weeks and it is now getting to the point where I just wish the book would end. As ever there are positive and negative things to be said about this book but that will be left for the time of review. Somehow I think it will take me a while to write a review for this book as my feelings are exceedingly discombobulated. Well off I go to finish these illustrious page full of hope for the good life in the beat generation.

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7 thoughts on “Sundays In Bed With . . .

  1. I have never tackled any Jack Kerouac and I don’t know if I will, although I feel like On the Road is a book that as a book lover I should read… Hopefully you’ll get through it today! I’m just going to do laundry and read (if I can force myself to turn off the North and South miniseries marathon that Encore is playing!). And tea sounds good, I think it’s time to switch the coffee pot off and put the tea kettle on!


  2. On the Road is one of those books that I feel I should read as a book blogger and bookworm, but I just don’t know if I really want to… Looking forward to your review! I’m having a nice relaxed day, just doing laundry and planning on putting the tea kettle on now since Peppermint tea sounds so good!


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