Be My {Belated} Valentine?!


Happy Belated Valentine’s Day people!

As I spent yesterday at work the chances for romance were quite limited but as there are 364 more days in the year myself and the lovely person I will be spending ‘V Day’ with decided to spend more time together today and have a belated celebration. As work commitments seem to intrude on most things these days it will be nice to take a step back and chill later on.

Whilst I was driving to dinner with a friend the other day I passed a window of a random house and it really did catch my eye. There are times that I wish I took my camera everywhere even out to dinner and this was definitely one of those times. The window was adorned with red, pink and white roses, as my car advanced in the traffic I saw paper hearts hanging from the ceiling and big pink things (unsure what!) jutting out from either side of the curtains. Now I know V-Day only comes but once a year but this house decor rivalled Christmas.

When I think of Valentine’s Day I think of Romance, Hearts, Flowers, Cards, Nails, Underwear, Candles – oh I could go on with my romantic notions and all of that jazz but I figure pictures would be a better way of showing you what I like best about the big day! I have used google to search for pictures and some images have been taken from Pinterest so click on each image for the original source.

feet in bed

romantic night

Valentine's day chocolate heart

valentines card display

date night

Yankee Candy Hearts Candle

I want this candle a little bit too much!

nails valentines 2013

Now I am off to enjoy the day after the big event and chill with my book in my beloved Starbucks! Time to get out of my pyjamas I think!



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