Saturday Snapshot 16/02

Saturday Snapshot is a weekly meme hosted by Alyce from At Home With Books – check her page out HERE

This weeks Snapshots have been hauled from my archive photos. They were all taken at Windsor Castle which was a pretty amazing place. It is always nice to get out of your comfort zone and visit somewhere completely new. There is actually a picture of me taken by a friend – said picture is of me looking less than impressed but to my detriment only gave my friend a reason to rave about how he loved my camera so!

Windsor That Way!

Not impressed!

Windsor Castle Secret Garden

We found a secret garden – sometimes it’s necessary to look down rather than ahead or just upwards!

Windsor Castle Chapel at Sundown

Beautiful sundown.

Windsor Castle View

This is such a great view that stretches for miles and there were many other pictures that had great colouring but this one is a favourite – I love how the branches of the tree creep into the photo.

Have a lovely weekend 😀


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