Saturday Snapshot 23/02

This weeks Snapshot photos are going to be based on a place that I spend a lot of my time when I am not at work or lounging around at home. A place I can go to and feel chilled and enjoy a well made beverage – some may have boycotted this place due to allegations of tax evasion – as you can see there is no sign of a boycott from me!

The place I am talking about it Starbucks – now the pictures may not be terribly inspiring but it is something I consider a little luxury for myself and really do enjoy. There is a lot of coffee snobbery out there and a lot of people think that because someone drinks at Starbucks they must be materialistic fools – I disagree. Although on some level today I was slightly embarrassed when I looked around and saw a few people posing on their mac books – the thought ran through my head ‘Do I look like a pretentious fool when I bring in my laptop?’ because lets face it Macbook or just normal laptop it is just a machine!

My best friend will most likely never read my blog again as she told me that I barely go a post without mentioning my beloved Starbucks – sorry hun! Rant over check out my pics!!!


Yummy and refreshing!

Coffee - Starbucks

Had a little smile on my face when I got this on the way to work!


Much needed venti!

Well that is quite enough of the mass marketed coffee shop sign for now! Have a lovely Saturday 😀


2 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot 23/02

  1. This is making me wish even more that there was a starbucks – or other coffee shop – within walking distance of my house that I could bring my laptop or book to and enjoy a vanilla latte!


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