Food, Wine, Jazz & Cocktails

cocktails, steak and jazz archduke waterloo

This Saturday night just gone I had plans with my bestie to go to the cinema and see Les Miserable or another film closer to the time of our arrival to the cinema. The original plan was to head to the cinema on Fulham Road get to see an early show and grab a bite to eat afterwards. As the saying goes ‘the best laid plans of mice and men’ and all that Jazz!

So we jumped on the underground and headed for the unknown (well picked somewhere on the map). Funnily enough both of us thought of the same stop at the same time but then agreed to get off one stop before ‘Waterloo’ and walk to wherever we could find good eats and some yummy drinks. We took a little stroll down the South Bank (I LOVE this place a little bit too much!) and popped into Foyles book shop – this shop is a favourite stop of mine along the South Bank purely to see what is new coming out but also to have a quick flick through books I would never usually think of buying. After an unfortunately rude conversation with the sales assistant we left and continued on our venture to find good food.

A five-minute walk led us to:

Gabriels Wharf London South Bank

There are a couple of lovely restaurants here and a small makeshift village just behind. Stand alone shops/stalls that are open during normal hours were all closed up to the elements. We made our way to Gourmet Pizza (good timing as we were both ravenous at this point!)

gourmet pizza gabriels wharf

Click on the image for the source

We started by ordering a delicious bottle of Malbec with Dough Balls and Garlic Mushrooms which were both just scrumptious. We managed to get a picture of only the mushrooms as by the time the rest of the food came out we were mid conversation and extremely hungry.

After this delectable meal we headed back the way we came with every intention of stopping off in Las Iguanas for a couple of cocktails but it was rammed and there were even people outside (such weather does not permit for standing outside even with alcohol!)

Wondering what to do next we encountered a weird-looking lady screaming someones name and just assumed she was having a psychotic episode. Luckily for us as we bypassed the potential psychiatric jail-bird we stumbled upon Arch Duke. Definitely a place to be visited again very soon. There will be a separate review of this place however for now check out a couple of the yummy cocktails we had.

Cocktails @ Arch Duke

After quite a few of these delicious beverages we managed to get to the station and home by around 11pm. Early to bed, early to rise and all that jazz!!

How was your weekend? 😉


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