It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

Yet another Monday is upon us. Books, beauty and much more are ready to be shared! The lovely Sheila over at Book Journey hosts this weekly meme. The beauty portion of this post will be posted in a couple of days!

Currently Reading

a tale for the time being by ruth ozeki

For this book I have no words as of yet – please wait for the review!

As I am concentrating on reading the above book I am not thinking about any other book although there are a few on my radar they will be mentioned in next weeks installment of It’s Monday!

On the family side of things: It’s My Cousin’s birthday today

Tatty Birthday


(Please excuse the lack of well most things in this post I am staying up to prepare for my night shift and quite sleepy whilst writing this!)



8 thoughts on “It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

  1. The cover is intriguing. Haven’t heard of it, so I’m going to go take a look, see what’s up.

    Happy B-day to your cuz, and have a great week!


    • Definitely check it out – the book is wonderful. I can see the pages coming to an end and I am quite sad! However it will be nice to know what happens 😀
      I will pass on the birthday wishes! Have a great week yourself and don’t be a stranger! 😉


  2. That books looks great. I’m currently reading “Creating Room to Read” by John Wood and “Letters to a Young Teacher” by Jonathan Kozol.


    • It really is a great read – worth getting a copy.
      I will check both of your books out hopefully tomorrow, I like the sound of John Wood’s book!


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