6am How I Love Thee!!

Choc lab yawning

Click on the image for the original source – HOW CUTE IS HEEEEE!!!

Morning, morning everyone! I would say rise and shine but I am guessing if you are reading this you need not rise but could possibly want to shine. This morning I am surprisingly perky after finishing my first night shift out of three. The one thing I wanted to share was my 6am observation. Now this may not be something you want to read about but I figured some of the time it is just nice to sit back and observe your surroundings. So at 6am I took my cup of steaming hot caffeine downstairs to the back of the hospital and watched the world go by for approximately 15 minutes. During such time I noticed three different sets of people. So the 6amer’s were as follows:


This group of two men and a woman were skipping (literally!) merrily down the road and shouting at the top of their voices for everyone to listen – WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING DO YOU NOT THINK SO?! Now as I was on the other side of the road far away from their direct line of fire I found this absolutely hilarious as you could see that they were clearly heavily intoxicated from their night of debauchery prior to this mornings athletics trials through Gower Street. There was however a lady that looked like she wanted to be swallowed by a black hole whilst they followed her to the underground station asking incessantly ‘DO YOU NOT THINK IT IS A BEAUTIFUL MORNING?!’ Poor lady – right?!


Various waifs and strafes who just happen to be out roaming the streets and this time of the morning. They seem to walk with no purpose however look constantly bemused by their erratic surroundings. As I rarely walk like I am in a hurry I could easily be mistaken for one of these – but I was on the other side of the fence watching the passers-by.


These specific individuals are walking with something that can be easily mistaken as a spring in their step but to the ones that know they are running late. A stack of papers crammed untidily under ones arm, a coffee cup in the other hand and a mobile phone either held by their teeth or trying to pry it out of their pocket with their paper stacked arm. A couple of pieces of paper escape and their world collapses in front of them. The ultra organised with their roll case bags and paper neatly tucked under their arm with a steaming cup of coffee in their hand, bespectacled, gloves, hats and scarfs at the ready to brave the elements. These organised mortals are the elite of the morning group and the ones we look at in disbelief (How do they do it?!).

Welcome to my morning view – sorry it’s slightly late!




2 thoughts on “6am How I Love Thee!!

  1. LOL – I’m amazed at anyone who can get up in time to be dressed and walking around at 6 a.m. The only way I can manage that is if I’ve stayed awake the night through. And then I’m ready for bed around 9 a.m. 😉

    I used to work night shift at a convalescent hospital aka ‘ol folks home’. I was lucky enough to work at one of the nicer places. Did this in my early twenties, and if I had read some of the stories or heard the news about the horrific versions of conveslescent hospitals in our country I would have thought twice about going for a CNA liscense and working as a CNA. But I did this at a naiive age, and was fortunate enought to work at a pretty decent place, so while the work was hard and at times sad, it was also rich in experience and contact with some great older people.

    wow – it’s late where I am, and sometimes I go down some thought paths that I don’t travel during the day. 😉


    • That was a great train of thought and thanks for sharing it! It will be the last thought of my day as I am heading to bed so thanks again 😀

      Sometimes I think that if I really knew what it was like to be a nurse I really wouldn’t have studied but there are days that I absolutely love what I do. Just goes to show that there are good and bad in every corner of the world! 😀


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