Recycle & Spit

recycle smiley
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These days the world is going crazy with recycling, up-cycling and just general re-use of products and bits otherwise. This is something that is great, saves us a bit of cash and creates things that would otherwise not be known if we just abandoned some of our items beautiful containers of such. There are a couple of things that I am working on at the moment and they include an empty Yankee candle jar, an old olive jar (such a beautiful shape) and origami from old newspapers. My list of things to buy from the craft shop has increased ten-fold so that will be a great shopping trip one way or another.

As I walked home from the station this morning (ready to sleep) I noticed it was recycling day on my street. Our neighbours (most of them) are quite good with separating, washing out and organising things neatly into the boxes provided. The one thing I noticed is that you can actually learn about your neighbours from their rubbish. The ones that do not have as much time as they would like to cook a proper meal, late workers (bits on top just chucked in!) and those that are a bit OCD with what they eat (beige foods!) and how their rubbish is organised. Now I am not admitting that I have a thing for looking in peoples rubbish as that is stalkerish and quite frankly DISGUSTING! But those are my observations and assumptions as to what my neighbours are like. Notice how I said assumptions as the person who has a recycle box full of mc donald’s bits really might have all the time in the world to cook but may be trying to enter the man vs food competition. Who knows!

What do your neighbours eat? Come to think of it – what do you think your neighbours think of you? Or are you lucky enough to have wheelie bins that nosey parkers like myself cannot peer into on their stroll home from work!

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The other part of my morning stop off here was a little rant on something else I witnessed on my walk home from the station. As I walked on the busy road home (a surprising amount of people – however I was slightly earlier today YIPEE!!) was a man striding along the pavement (sidewalk!) coughing and spluttering and all of a sudden he hocked back and HUC TUHHHH. Yes ladies and gentlemen he SPAT ON THE PAVEMENT (IN PUBLIC) now I know I may sound like a bit of a granny but this is one of the reasons disease spreads so quickly. People are too quick to hock it back and let it out without taking due care and attention to those that are around them and the environment they are in. It is highly doubtful that if he was at home he would do the same on his floor. This is unacceptable behaviour in my book and I think people like that should be fined.

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Have a lovely day 😀

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