Gone . . .

Sometimes you like me, sometimes you don’t,

You think I’ll abandon you but I promise I wont.

My heart breaks whenever you cry, 

Especially when we have to say goodbye. 

I think about you all the time,

Even whilst  writing this little rhyme. 

I promised to take care of you as best as I can,

But that was until you ran.

I cannot help you whilst you are gone,

I can only hope you wont be long.

Please come back and let me help you feel better,

And with any luck you will have a chance to read this letter.

(The above poem was written by myself and I do not wish for any one else to use it without my permission)


Today I had a lovely day at work. At the end of my shift one of my dear patients absconded.
Knowing her past and possibilities for the futures it makes me just want to break down in tears.

Tonight I will not be crying, I will be praying for the safe return of this extremely vulnerable girl.

Take care dear patient and god bless.



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