Spin and Wazz


Before I hit the gym yesterday I made sure that I took my vitamins and had quite a large amount of water (for me anyway!). One vitamin that always seems to give me that pep in my step is good old Vitamin C. Getting to the gym before my class actually starts is always a bonus because you can take a precautionary toilet break in order to save yourself from leaving the class whilst bursting at the flood gates.


As I got there late I was glad that I made it to the toilet before otherwise it would have been a horrible class! After spinning my little (haha! Yeh!) legs practically out of the pedal straps and stretching myself out all I wanted was COFFEE. Luckily my good friend and gym buddy was with me so we sweat out in the Sauna – this took longer that we planned as it was like a Men’s Health advert and the Steam room was broken so a PACKED Men’s Health advert. Saying that we did manage to have a giggle with some of the guys as they were all hot and worked up but funny to boot.


All showered and dressed we headed to Starbucks and chilled whilst chatting (eating!). By the time I got home I was desperate for a wazz and to my surprise once again my ‘water’ was luminous yellow/orange. The conclusion I have drawn from this shocking reoccurrence is that whenever I take my beloved Vit C tabs I become radioactive in the wazz department. WEIRD!

Sorry for sharing my bladder movements with you! Just a little shocked but also sides do hurt from laughing! Radioactive Woman Da, da, da, dahhhhh!


Well not quite!!!

*Please click on each image for the original source (The Starbucks image is my own so please contact me before using it elsewhere)*

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