It’s Monday – ALREADY!!!

It's Monday What Are You Reading?

Yet another Monday has graced me with its presence – I am still in a little bit of disbelief as to how it came about so quickly as it seems like yesterday that I was writing a late post. This week my reading material has been severely neglected – not from lack of want I can tell you that much. Friends and family have seen very little of me and I am starting to believe that if things continue the way they are I may even whither to the point where I start to see less of myself!

On the reading front: 

Currently Reading

The Lost are of keeping secrets by Eva Rice

the mystery of mercy close by marian keyes

kuala-lumpur-melaka-_-penang-2By far the most captive book is the last one of that little list. Planning a trip is something I relish as I love to make a to-do list!  However Mercy Close is getting better by the page. The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets I am unsure about as the storyline started off on a bit of a weird footing and I am not sure where to go with it. All three books I plan to stick out and see through to the end.

To Read

A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff

This book was lent to me by the lovely Catherine and I am waiting to get into it. It remains on my night stand and awaits its turn to shed some light on its pages again some day soon.


Not much this week – sorry!

NOW – I am starting to feel a bit defeated as I have yet to have any sleep after finishing my last night shift this morning and going shopping with my mother. I think a nap is in order before I become delirious or more so than I am at the moment!

Have a great day 😀

monday love!


3 thoughts on “It’s Monday – ALREADY!!!

  1. I *love* reading travel guides and planning trips! Speaking of which, my husband and I need to decide exactly where we’re going this year so I can start planning. Nowhere as exotic as Kuala Lumpur, that’s for sure! I love the cover of Vintage Affair. You’re a night shifter? I worked it for 11 years. I don’t miss the utter exhaustion, but the hours mostly did suit me better. I like night shift people and the lower numbers of management. Oh well. I feel way better now that I’m on days, that’s for sure. I hope you got some good rest today!


    • Only hitting KL for a couple of days on the way to another destination but will stop for a couple on the way back! I am not so great with reading travel guides – I think they should have more pictures but that’s just me! Great info in the LP ones though! I am yet to start A Vintage Affair and have to agree the cover is great – very enticing! I work both day and night shifts all of which are 12.5 hours long! Just rubbish in general – I think I need a lottery win soon! 😀


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