The Vitality Show – Earls Court 2 – 2013

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 12.55.27

Thanks to the lovelies at Green People I was lucky enough to get two press tickets to this lovely show. With list full of wonderful brands and even an appearance from what I can now say delightful Amy Childs myself and Catherine from Vintage Frills were ready and raring to go.

From fitness to fashion with food and wine this show was utterly packed to the rafters. The only issue was the bad lighting – a bad yellow hue shone above the stalls below. Not only did we have to use constant camera flashes but on inspection of products on various stalls extra lighting was needed to get a true reflection of tones.

With a variety of beautiful displays under the spotlight the choice was practically endless however a couple did shine brighter than the rest. Not only were the ones with fancy displays worth watching but others that were not so grand really made an impression.

Yellow lighting in earls court 2 vitality show

Now on some level this lighting can be seen as something beautiful which in a way it is however with the point that it destroyed my pictures the beauty is somewhat camouflaged.

Onto the stalls:

The Vintage Cosmetic Company SignSee the touch of yellow!

TVCC Vitality Stall

The wallpaper that was put up especially for this event is just delightful. Although the stall was on the smaller side the lovely ladies did not need much more room as it would have looked scarce.

TVCC Eyelashes

These bad girls look absolutely delightful – along with everything else from The Vintage Cosmetic Company the packaging is feminine, vintage and just beautiful. How can you go wrong with powder pink and cutesy.

TVCC Girls

Caroline and Clare are the two lovely ladies that were representing The Vintage Cosmetic Company on this specific day of the show and they were just delightful.

This is not all I have to say about the great show put on at Earls Court 2 so keep your eyes peeled.

Must dash 😀


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