Stretch it out . . .

After going to the gym for a relatively short amount of time the other day but feeling like I had been there for a lot longer it dawned on me that I need to spend a lot more time stretching before and after exercising. With these stretches I do hope that I will stop getting stupid injuries that can be avoided. My main problem when exercising is Achilles ache. Now that is not an actual medical term but it is exactly what it is – an ache of the Achilles tendon – and from much research and advice I have found that it is from lack of stretching. So . . .


This is what I will be attempting at various times throughout the day and a couple will be done before my workouts. Anyone else that suffers from this I hope this helps (please do not take this as medical advice as I only looked on Google for a picture to represent what I want to do).


Please do share . . .

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