Transitional Period

Over the past couple of weeks many things have changed. Phones, contracts, contacts, feelings, friends and foes. From today things will be taking a drastic turn for the better. It has been noticed that I am great at waiting for other people, waiting for decisions to be made so I can fit around everyone else’s comfort zone, waiting for colleagues to help me without making more than subtle hints that help is needed. Just waiting. I am sick and tired of waiting and I think now is the time to start DOING.


How are you today?


3 thoughts on “Transitional Period

      • Hi Fay – I’m happy to say the resounding answer is no! Actually, I like to do them in the morning. That’s because it’s the only thing (other than a shower) that makes that coffee wait-time bearable.

        Now your post has me thinking that I should put something healthy on my supper plate – I’m thinking fajitas, so I may have to just pretend it’s a happy meal. Now I’m thinking I’ll probably make some coffee after supper. That way I can go to bed happy.

        This sure is getting confusing – thanks a lot! πŸ™‚


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