When I say E-Times that could mean a number of things in the digital world, however in my world the E is for Emotional. Last night I was making my way to the station to go and work my last night shift of the week when I received a phone call. My father was informing me that my mum had made the decision that after some horrible x-ray results my dog was to be put to sleep.

This is a decision that I cannot stand by as I honestly feel that my boy has at least two more years to live and this was later confirmed by the vet herself. My mother was extremely upset by the boys prognosis and made a rash judgement however on seeing the rest of the families reaction agreed to bring him home for one last night and a family meeting.

Everyone re-convened at 5am this morning as nobody could sleep including the dog. We came to the decision that myself and my father would be taking the dog for his ‘last visit’ to the vet. Inside I felt like my heart was made of glass and ready to shatter at the slightest thing. Luckily our Vet approached the situation with so much kindness and compassion that I started to cry anyway. The ins and outs of my boy’s condition were explained extensively and then the vet gave us the option of surgery. This is the point at which I found out my mother had completed disregarded this option. After much discussion and my father acting as the voice of reason I was able to walk out with my dog on his lead and bundle him into the car.

After many hours of crying and cuddling my dog is home with me and awaiting his showdown with the vet tomorrow who has every confidence that this operation will sort some of his issues out and his quality of life will not be diminished.

Hector and I

His operation is tomorrow at 8am (GMT) and I will be taking him and picking him up. Words cannot explain how I feel right now but the love I have for my father at the moment is a ridiculous unexplainable amount – even more than usual.


5 thoughts on “E-Times

  1. Oh Fay… I’ve been in your position before, only I wasn’t able to bring my baby home with me. I definitely understand the roller coaster of emotions that you are going through, and you and your boy are in my thoughts. I wish him all the best for his surgery tomorrow. Lots of hugs for both of you. xo


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