It’s Monday again!

It's Monday What Are You Reading?

Let us welcome yet another Monday with a strong cup of coffee and some good books – I hope!

Currently Reading


At the moment I am quite unsure how this book will pan out. I would like to say that I am enjoying it however that would be by far an over statement. The book has yet to make me actually think about anything other than stopping to do something else. The review will hopefully be interesting as I am making notes as I read.

To Read

this-is-life1 - dan rhodes

I am looking forward to cracking this book open. It was sent to me a while back for review and I haven’t got around to it. I have a pile as high as my knee that I need to speed read through for reviews and this is at the top of that pile.


mr penumbra

I am sad to say that I finished this book last week. If I could find another book that has similar characteristics then I would be very happy. On a post Penumbra trip to Waterstones I asked a question that was hardly incongruous for my current location and the answer I was presented with was less than appealing. In the end I was directed to very handy website that I was surprised I had never seen CHECK IT OUT. Check out the literature map and type in your favourite author to be granted a wealth of other such lovely writers.

This week I am working on reviews from a while back that I have not yet managed to write even though I read the book. I will write a post on my diminished beauty regime and various other bits and bobs that have happened over the past week.



One thought on “It’s Monday again!

  1. I didn’t like Beatrice and Virgil. I liked the last part of the book (when you get to it, you’ll know what I meant). I thought it was far more thought provoking and had more potential than the story itself. BUT that might just be me 🙂


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